Who We Are

Healthy Transitions Development Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to building strong and healthy neighborhoods by assisting families and individuals along their path to home ownership.

We specialize in facilitating housing solutions, rehabilitating residential properties, demolishing blight, and recovery services.   We also serve blighted communities and disenfranchised populations including women, seniors, low-income and disabled families in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Healthy Transitions Devlopment Group, Inc. provides a compassionate and respectful hands-on, turn-key experience, for low to moderate income families seeking home ownership.  The process begins with a credit evaluation and ends with the delivery of the front door key.

Healthy Transitions help families and individuals overcome financial challenges including lack of downpayment funds and excessive student loan debt.

Contact Healthy Transitions counselors for a free evaluation to begin the process of building your new home and your new life.
$0 Down and closing costs paid
Healthy Transitions counselors are qualified to help you apply for downpayment grants up to $30,000.

Healthy Transitions partners with Abram Construction to ensure homes are built or remodeled to strict guidelines.  Abram Construction may pay up to 3% towards closing costs.

Rebuilding Communities and Families:   A house may have four walls, doors and windows, but it only becomes a home, when  a loving and caring family moves in. 

And a neighborhood only becomes a vibrant community, when blight is removed and the are homes filled with families and caring individuals. 

That's why Healthy Transitions Development Group is dedicated to cleaning up blighted properties, rundown lots and communities.  After the blight is removed,  the true heart of a community can shine.
         Healthy Transitions Development Group, Inc. your KEY  to home ownership